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The President’s Welcome Message.

It was with great pleasure that I welcomed my family, friends and fellow Burnsians to
Aberdeen, to join with me to mark the occasion of my becoming President of The Robert Burns World Federation, in the 125th anniversary year of the Federation’s founding

It has been a long to journey to get to this point, starting with my father’s oft quoted words of Burns, Primary school at Eccclefechan, where we were force fed ‘Flow Gently Sweet Afton’ and latterly at Aberdeen University where I had the joy of rediscovering ‘The Jolly Beggars’. As an aside, being stranded in a broken down Holden on the Barkley Tablelands in Northern Australia in 1967, and being rescued by a farmer from Black Braes Station on the 25th Jan, really did focus my mind on what wee bits o’ Burns’ stuff I knew, as I literally sang for my supper that night!

I owe thanks to many people who have helped me on the road to attaining the Presidency of The Robert Burns World Federation, not least of whom is the redoubtable David Smith, who has been my mentor through my Presidency of the Burns Howff Club, Dumfries and my current Presidency of the Southern Scottish Counties Burns Association. His sage wisdom has been a great support, and as a distinguished Past President of the Robert Burns World Federation, his advice and counsel has been invaluable. I am privileged to count him as a friend.

Behind every successful man, there is an even more successful woman!, and Ruth’s unerring judgement, support and ‘lengthened sage advices’, have been generously given.

I look forward to this year, and will do my very best to represent The Robert Burns World Federation as we travel within Great Britain, America,Canada and Australia, renewing auld acquaintances and making new friends.


“Then let us pray, that come it may,
(As come it will for a’ that,)
That Sense and Worth o’er a’ the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
It’s coming yet for a’ that,
That man to man the world o’er,
Shall brithers be for a’ that.”


B. David Baird,
President, the Robert Burns World Federation, 2010 – 2011



Please read my blog to find out what the busy life of the President entails. Click here.

Latest News ......

Honorary president Archie McArthur

Archie now has his own website to publish all of his research over a lifetime devoted to Robert Burns plus his own life-story and that of his late wife Nancy amongst other snippets. < >    Prepare to be amazed!

Two Suppers in One Night 3750 miles apart!

The live skype link up, when Kevin Thompson sang for The Minneapolis Twin Cities Club, and which is featured in the Spring 2011 Burns Chronicle on p.21 has generated some interest! I have been asked to post the links to the two recordings so they can be seen here and here. I know some words are not quite as the Bard intended but - it was 2am......


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Older events

The March to Enlightenment - Saturday 23rd April 2011, Edinburgh

The March will celebrate the tricentenary of the birth of David Hume, recognise the contribution of key figures of the Scottish Enlightenment and their role in establishing the freedom to think for oneself. The programme for the 23rd April 2011 is varied and aims to attract a wide range of interests and age groups in celebrating Scotland's history and learning about the 'Scottish Miracle'.


1200 - Gathering: beside the reflecting pools (Scottish Parliament main entrance) to the 'skirl o' the pipes'

1230 - Street Theatre: an enactment of the trial for blasphemy of Thomas Aitkenhead (the last person to be hanged in Scotland), in the lead up to the emergence of the Enlightenment.

1300 - March from Holyrood: up the Royal Mile and to the statue of David Hume (opposite St. Giles Cathedral), accompanied by the leading figures of the Enlightenment.

1330 - The legacy of Hume: key figures of the Enlightenment and what it means for us today; featuring Christopher Brookmyre (novelist) and Professor Alexander Broadie of Glasgow University (a leading expert on the Enlightenment).


The Special 250th anniversary limited edition of the Burns Chronicle is now available! Including details of many of the events that took place in 2009. With over 700 pages and entries from many contributors including clubs, academics and individuals, this is sure to be popular.

  • Largest ever Federation publication!
  • Foreword by Richard Gowring GGG Grandson of the poet
  • Introduction by First Minister Alex Salmond
  • Histories of Burns Clubs around the world
  • Includes a 48 page book on the history of Burns Cottage
  • Many articles by leading academics eg

  • Jean Armour's Bank Statement
  • Jean Armour was illiterate
  • Who wrote the Selkirk Grace?

Available NOW, for a cost of £25 inc p&p in UK or £30 overseas. Forms were included with the last Chronicle or simply get in touch with Sam Judge at head office, with your details. His email and phone number are on this website. Only 1000 of these are being printed and they are selling fast so order yours now!

Dowload forms here as WORD & PDF


Hold a Burns Super Supper in your own home and raise money for charity
(all speakers and music supplied!)

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Past President Mike Duguid had a very active blog. See links below for some of the postings..

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