Established 1885

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" A man's a man for a' that"


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Gie me ae spark o' Nature's fire
That's a' the learning I desire
Then tho' I drudge thro' dub an mire
At pleugh or cart
My Muse, tho' hamely in attire
May touch the heart



Robert Burns Society Austria
RT Burns Club Logo
RT Burns Club - No 2085 in the Federation
NY Burns Society
Burns Society of the City of New York
Alexandria Burns Club - No2 in the Federation.
The Leeds Caledonian Society was founded in 1894 to promote friendly intercourse and good fellowship among Scotsmen resident in Leeds and district.
The Perth Burns Club is one of the oldest societies in Perth [Scotland] and guests and prospective members are warmly invited to attend any of the Club's meetings and functions.
The National Trust for Scotland homecoming cruises
Aberdeenshire Council events listing
for Homecoming Scotland 2009
The Grants Braes Burns club
Burns Family Tree
A family tree - With over 600 descendants by John Burness
Burness Genealogy
and Family History
Robert Burns Family History by John Burness
Global Burns Network
lovingburns Loving Burns at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Alloway Burns Club situated amongst many key sites of interest from the life and work of Burns.
Ayr Burns Club
The Paisley Alamo Burns Club

Cupar Burns Club was Instituted in 1884 and Federated to the Robert Burns Federation in 1893.


Marble and Bronze busts to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. Stoneicons


bp burns

Bowhill People's Burns Club
A noteable community Burns club steeped in local tradition and history

Burns250 is a unique one man show written for Burns 250th anniversary. It features Kev Thompson, who has extensive experience as a singer, reciter and public speaker
Borealis is a five piece band creating and performing unique arrangements of the songs of Robert Burns
Robert Burns Club
The Winnipeg Robert Burns Club is the oldest, continuously existing federated Burns Club outside the United Kingdom.
Dundonald Burns Club

Dundonald Burns Club, inaugurated in 1962, meet on a monthly basis in Dundonald, Ayrshire in south-west Scotland

Scottish Language Dictionaries aim to advance Scots language in all its guises

Irvine Burns Club

One of the oldest Burns Clubs in the World, with an unbroken history dating back to its formation on 2nd June 1826.  Of the twelve founding members of the club five were known to Robert Burns, two of whom were close friends of the poet. The club has an excellent Archive of Burns Artefacts

David Sibbald
A Tribute to
Robert Burns

The Web site of David Sibbald, guest speaker. Perpepetuates the Memory of Robert Burns and aims to create a friendship across boundaries and frontiers.
"That man to man the world o'er
Shall brithers be for a' that."

The official Scottish Tourist Board site. Highly authoratative including information on a broad selection of Scottish topics.
Very useful if you are touring Scotland

The Caledonian Club
of Sacramento
The Caledonian Club of Sacramento, a Scottish Club which was established in 1876, formed to preserve Scottish heritage.


Scottish Links and information on CNY Scottish Games, St. Andrew's Society of CNY and the Daughters of Scotia activities and programs.

Robert Burns
Club of Milwaukee
One of the most extensive sites,
Regularly updated with good content
Joann Gilmartin - Performs the work of Burns and runs Burns competitions
News and links page
Promotion of their 2001 Burns supper,

THE NEW BRUNSWICK SCOTTISH-CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (NBSCA) Promotes the history, traditions, arts, crafts, languages and culture of Scotland.

The Castles of Scotland Preservation Trust
A trust established to promote and encourage the protection and preservation of Scotland's rich architectural heritage.
Dalry Burns Club has a history dating from 1825. Their website contains a full history of the Club, a searchable archive of every anniversary supper, a photo gallery and a chronology.
In 1796, Burns wrote: "... The Globe Tavern here, which these many years has been my Howff ...", and in 1819, the first of what was to become the annual tradition of Burns' Suppers was held here at The Globe.
Burns tried in vain to farm the land at Ellisland, but despite it's barren soil the tranquil settings of Ellisland inspired some of his best-loved nature poems.
Founded in the Globe Inn, Burns' favourite "howff", in 1889 the Club includes a programme of events developed to encourage Burns enthusiasm among children.
Robert Burns Live
Presents Chris Tate as Robert Burns
Chris performs i
n full period costume and wig. He is the only actor to tell Burns' story in the image of Burns himself.

Len Murray is an excellent after dinner speaker as witnessed recently at The Robert Burns World Federation Burns Supper. Visit his excellent Web site for more information - Len Murray

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