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Welcome to    the Site
Search the Site is very powerful and can allow you to find Burns information very quickly saving hours of work by conventional means.

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Very often search facilities don't give the desired results because of a poor choice of search word or phrase. So we've given some hints below to help you get the best from Search the Site.

If for example you want to find what poem the line
"Sends ane to Heaven, an' ten to Hell" is from you could enter the full line, but if you made the slightest error (a comma or apostrophe out of place) then the search would give no results. It is far better to enter something short but fairly unique like "ten to hell" . In most cases this is all that will be required.

However if this didn't give the result you wanted you could shorten it even more, but a search on the word Hell would produce a large number of results to go through.