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The Poets Tours in 1787

HIGHLANDTOUR (August /September1787)



BORDER TOUR (May / June 1787)

1787 was a particularly interesting year in the poet's life. Part of it was spent in Edinburgh and during that year he went on four tours which must have made him far travelled for an eighteenth century farmer. The map on this page is only a rough guide to those exciting journeys, which included a few days "over the border" in England. '

For more detailed and accurate maps ask in your library for the books by Raymond Lamont Brown. Another useful book - now out of print - is "The Wonder of All the Gay World," by James Barke. It incudes an excellent map of the poet's travels in 1787, as well as a useful street plan of Edinburgh in that same year.

For the fullest details, however, see Chapter 12 of "Burns - A Biography of Robert Burns" by James Mackay.