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1. Look at the map of the Heritage Trail below. Follow the solid line. How long is one complete circuit of this Trail?
(a) 183 miles, (b) 187 miles, (c) 191 miles, (d) 199 miles

2. Name all the places which are marked by a dot. To help you the first letter of each word is given.

3. Look at the table showing the shortest distance between places on the Trail. Someone has forgotten to finish the table. See if you can help.
Using the shortest route possible, look at the map and the table, and answer questions 4 and 5.

4. Which is closest to Ayr?
(a) Kirkoswald (b) Mauchline (c) Irvine

5. Which is closer to Newton Stewart?
(a) Ayr (b) Dumfries

6. The trail passes close to Loch Trool. See if you can find out which famous Scottish King had to hide in the hills around this loch. At that time (1303) he also fought a battle there against the English.

7. Look at this list of place names and beside each note its connection with Robert Burns.
(a) Alloway
(b) Ellisland Farm
(c) Gatehouse of Fleet
(d) Irvine
(e) Kilmarnock
(f) Kirkcudbright
(g) Kirkoswald
(h) Mauchline
(i) Tarbolton

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