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1. The'Clay Biggin' Cottage at Alloway where Bums was born on 25th January, 1759.

2. The Twa Brigs', Ayr, subject of a weliknown poem by Bums.

3. The 'AuldKirK', Alloway featured in the poet's Tam O Shanter'. Bums father is buried in the churchyard.

4. The Glasgow Vennel, Irvine and site of the 'Heckling Shop'. Open to the public.

5. Wellwood, Irvine. Home of the Irvine Bums Club with Bums and Burgh of Irvine Museum, open to the public.

6. Bums House Museum, Mauchline. Open to the public.

7. Bachelor's Club, Tarbolton where Bums attended dancing classes. Open to the public.

8. Poosie Nansie's Tavern, Mauchline featured in the poet's Cantata 'The Jolly Beggars'. Open daily.

9. Highland Mary Memorial, Failford commemorating the parting of Bums and Highland Mary.

10. Bums Monument, Kay Park, Kilmarnock, one of the many hundred of statues all over the world in memory of the poet of the Common Man.


11. Highland Mary's grave and memorial, Greenock Cemetery.


12. EllisIand Farm, near Dumfries where Burns wrote Tam O Shanter. Open to the public.

13. The Globe Inn, Dumfries, Established in 1610, the poet's favourite 'Howff'. Open daily.

14. Burns House, Dumfries where he died on 21 st July, 1796. Museum open to the public.

15. Bums Mausoleum, St. Michael's Churchyard, Dumfries last resting place of Bums and his family.

16. The award winning Robert Burns Centre, Dumfries. Open to the public.