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1. What was the name given to the old method of farming?

2. (a) Why were there no large fields? Hint: number of farmers.

(b) How does the average width of an old rig compare to a present day field?

3. What was (a) the Infield? (b) the Outfield?

4. (a) What was the Old Scots Plough made from?

(b) Why did it need a number of oxen to pull it?

(c) Do you think that the farmers would each have owned enough oxen to pull their plough? If not, what could they do?

5. Describe what the land away from the farms was like.

6. Where in Scotland will you still find farmers sharing common grazing land?

7. (a) Which disease is spread by the mosquito?

(b) What benefits did the farmers gain from the marshlands?

8. (a) Why was the best land planted with crops every year?

(b) What could happen to the quality of the crop if it was kept in the same soil every year?

(c) If someone in your family, or a neighbour, has a vegetable plot find out if they plant the vegetables in the same place every year.

9. If a farmer had a number of rigs like the one on the map, what problems could this cause?

10. What is meant by the saying "the farmers paid their rent in kind"?

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