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Exercise and Drawing

1. Try to match the names of some of Burns' works with their first lines. You should be able to do so with some detective work by looking at a book of the, Poet's works.


Macpherson's farewell

My gallant braw John Highlandman

To a haggis

To a mountain daisy

To a mouse

Selkirk grace

Wee sleekit cow'rin tim'rous beastie

Upon that night when fairies light

Some hae meat and canna eat

A Highland lad my love was born

Wee modest crimson?tipped flower

Fair fa your honest sonsie face Great chieftain o' the puddin' race

Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong

2. (a) Which of Burns' characters is also the name of a type of hat?
(b) Describe or draw the hat.

3. (a) Write a few sentences to describe the kind of work Burns would have had to do when he was an Exciseman in Dumfriesshire.
(b) Try to find out why the South West of Scotland was a perfect area for smugglers.

4. Look at the partly completed sketch (below) of Burns' Cottage at Alloway.
(a) Finish and colour the sketch.
(b) Describe the materials used to build the walls and roof.
(c) Burns' father built the cottage. Do you think it would have been a comfortable place for his family?

5. Imagine Burns did emigrate to the West Indies in 1786.
(a) Describe the type of ship in which he would have sailed.
(b) What would have been his chances of reaching the West Indies safely?

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Partly finished sketch of Alloway Cottage.
Finish the sketch and colour in