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Tam O Shanter

"Tam skelpit on thro dub and mire
Despising wind, and rain, and fire"



In the narrative poem 'Tam o Shanter; Robert Burns gives us a kaleidoscope of pictures and words, Above is an example drawn by a 15 year old boy.
Try to draw a picture/some pictures of the many events in the poem.
Perhaps a wall-frieze could be made up from the various pictures illustrating the story.

1, Who was Tam o Shanter's wife?
2. Who or what are 'chapman billies'?
3. What do you mean when you 'tak the gate'?
4. What is Tam's cronie's name?
5. What is the meaning of 'siller'?
6. What is a 'melder'?
7. What is the word in the poem for 'home brewed ale'?
8. Who or what is 'John Barleycorn'?
9. What is a 'naig'?
10. What and where is 'Doon'?
11. Is a'sark' a boat, a shirt or a bird?
12. What is 'creeshie flannen'?
13. What is a 'cotillion'?
14. Who is 'Auld Nick'?
15. Who is Meg?
16. What is a 'winnock bunker'?
17. Who or what are 'The Hellish Legion'?
18. What are 'airns'?
19. What was Tam's real name?
20. Who/What are 'my hurdies'?
21. What is 'an ingle'?
22. What is a 'cutty sark'?
23. What is 'Kirkton Jean's' real name?
24. Can you explain what 'a towsie tyke' is?
25. How many lines are in this famous 'Narrative Masterpiece'?
26. How many words are in this 'Narrative Masterpiece'?
27. Have a good guess before counting!

Devised by Primary 7 pupils

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