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My Hoggie

TUNE: (As Title)

Burns Original

Standard English Translation

My Hoggie

What will I do gin my hoggie die?
My joy, my pride, my hoggie!
My only beast, I had nae mae,
And vow but I was vogie!
The lee-lang night we watched the fauld,
Me and my faithfu' doggie;
We heard nocht but the roaring linn
Amang the braes sae scoggie.
But the houlet cry'd frae the castle wa',
The blitter frae the boggie,
The tod reply'd upon the hill:
I trembled for my hoggie.
When day did daw, and cocks did craw,
The morning it was foggie,
An unco tyke lap o'er the dyke,
And maist has kill'd my hoggie!

My Lamb

What will I do should my (pet) lamb die?
My joy, my pride, my lamb!
My only beast, I had no more,
And vow but I was vain!
The live-long night we watched the fold,
Me and my faithful doggy;
We heard nothing but the roaring waterfall
Among the hill-sides so scraggy.

But the owl cried from the castle wall,
The snipe from the bog,
The fox replied upon the hill:
I trembled for my lamb.
When day did dawn, and cocks did crow,
The morning it was foggy,
A strange dog leaped over the stone wall,
And almost has killed my lamb!


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