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Jockie Was The Blythest Lad


Burns Original

Standard English Translation

Jockie Was The Blythest Lad

Young Jockie was the blythest lad,
In a' our town or here awa:
Fu' blythe he whistled at the gaud,
Fu' lightly danc'd he in the ha'.
He roos'd my een sae bonie blue,
He roos'd my waist sae gently sma';
An' ay my heart cam to my mou',
When ne'er a body heard or saw.
My Jockie toils upon the plain
Thro' wind and weet, thro' frost and snaw;
And o'er the lea I leuk fu' fain,
When Jockie's owsen hameward ca'.
An' ay the night comes round again,
When in his arms he taks me a',
An' ay he vows he'll be my ain
As lang's he has a breath to draw.


Jockie Was The Blithest Lad

Young Jockie was the blithest lad,
In all our town or here away (round about):
Full blithe he whistled at the goad,
Full lightly danced he in the hall.

He praised my eyes so lovely blue,
He praised my waist so gently small;
And always my heart came to my mouth,
When never a body heard or saw.

My Jockie toils upon the plain
Through wind and wet (rain), through frost and snow;
And over the meadow I look full longingly,
When Jockie's oxen homeward drive.

And always the night comes round again.
When in his arms he takes me all,
And always he vows he will be my own
As long as he has a breath to draw.


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