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Election Ballad For Westerha'



Burns Original

Standard English Translation

Election Ballad For Westerha'

TUNE: Up an' waur them a' Willie

Up and waur them a', Jamie,
Up and waur them a'!
The Johnstones hae the guidin o't:
Ye turncoat Whigs awa!
The Laddies by the banks o' Nith
Wad trust his Grace wi' a', Jamie;
But he'll sair them as he sair'd the King -
Turn tail and rin awa, Jamie.
The day he stude his country's friend,
Or gied her faes a claw, Jamie,
Or frae puir man a blessin wan -
That day the Duke ne'er saw, Jamie.
But wha is he, his country's boast?
Like him there is na twa, Jamie!
There's no a callant tents the kye
But kens o' Westerha', Jamie.
To end the wark, here's Whistlebirk -
Lang may his whistle blaw, Jamie! -
And Maxwell true, o' sterling blue,
And we'll be Johnstones a', Jamie.

Election Ballad For Westerhall

TUNE: Up and worse (beat) them all Willie

Up and worse (beat) them all, Jamie,
Up and beat them all!
The Johnstones have the guiding of it:
You turncoat Whigs away!

The Lads by the banks of Nith
Would trust his Grace with all, Jamie;
But he will serve them as he served the King -
Turn tail and run away, Jamie.

The day he stood his country's friend,
Or gave her foes a scratch, Jamie,
Or from pure man a blessing won -
That day the Duke ne'er saw, Jamie.

But who is he, his country's boast?
Like him there is not two, Jamie!
There is not a youngster herds the cattle
But knows of Westerhall, Jamie.

To end the work, here is Whistlebirk -
Long may his whistle blow, Jamie! -
And Maxwell true, of sterling blue,
And we will be Johnstones all, Jamie.


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