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Bonie Dundee
TUNE: Adew Dundee


Burns Original

Standard English Translation

' O, whar gat ye that hauver-meal bannock?'
' Silly blind body, O, dinna ye see?
I gat it frae a young, brisk sodger laddie
Between Saint Johnston and bonie Dundee.
O, gin I saw the laddie that gae me't!
Aft has he doudl'd me up on his knee:
May Heaven protect my bonie Scots laddie,
And send him hame to his babie and me!
' My blessin's upon thy sweet, wee lippie!
My blessin's upon thy bonie e'e brie!
Thy smiles are sae like my blythe sodger laddie,
Thou's ay the dearer and dearer to me!
But I'll big a bow'r on yon bonie banks,
Whare Tay rins wimplin by sae clear;
And I'll cleed thee in the tartan sae fine,
And mak thee a man like thy daddie dear.'

' O, where got you that oatmeal bannock?' (flat cake)
' Silly blind body, O, do not you see?
I got it from a young, brisk soldier lad
Between Saint Johnston (Perth) and lovely Dundee.
O, if I saw the lad that gave me it!
Often has he dandled me up on his knee:
May Heaven protect my handsome Scots lad,
And send him home to his baby and me!

My blessings upon your sweet, little lip!
My blessings upon your lovely eyebrow!
Your smiles are so like my blithe soldier lad,
You are always the dearer and dearer to me!
But I will build a bower on yonder lovely banks,
Where river Tay runs winding by so clear;
And I will clad you in the tartan so fine,
And make you a man like your daddy dear.'


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