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The Lass O' Ecclefechan
TUNE: Jack Latin


Burns Original

Standard English Translation

The Lass O' Ecclefechan
' Gat ye me, O, gat ye me,
Gat ye me wi' naething?
Rock an' reel, an' spinning wheel,
A mickle quarter basin:
Bye attour, my gutcher has
A heich house and a laich ane,
A' forbye my bonie sel,
The toss o' Ecclefechan!'
' O, haud your tongue now, Lucky Lang,
O, haud your tongue and jauner!
I held the gate till you I met,
Syne I began to wander:
I tint my whistle and my sang,
I tint my peace and pleasure;
But your green graff, now Lucky Lang,
Wad airt me to my treasure.'

The Girl Of Ecclefechan

' Got you me, O, got you me,
Got you me with nothing?
Distaff and reel, and spinning wheel,
A big quarter basin:
Moreover, my grandfather has
A high house and a low one,
All besides my lovely self,
The toast of Ecclefechan!'

' O, hold your tongue now, Lucky Lang,
O, hold your tongue and jabber!
I kept to the straight path till you I met,
Then I began to wander:
I lost my whistle and my song,
I lost my peace and pleasure;
But your green grave, now Lucky Lang,
Would direct me to my treasure.'


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